“Cruise Nights”…  Those words remind me of some great movies and the fact that we are talking about them means that spring is right around the corner!  The Harsh Winters gang has frequented some cruise nights in the past in different areas and nights.  I, however, have never been to a cruise night.  Ever.  Did I mention that I’m the “President” of this car club?  Yeah… I hear ya chuckling.  The irony is thick and I find it pretty funny too.

Don’t you worry… the club is in good hands because we have a committee that rocks the VW knowledge quota.  We have so much fun as a group that we decided to create another reason to get together and hang out.  The cool thing is that anyone reading this can benefit from it.  You don’t have to be a club member… you don’t even have to own a VW.

Starting in April we will be hosting our first “Harsh Winters Cruise Night” which is slated to take place the 1st and 3rd Thursday night of every month at the Doggy Diner (the old Swonys) on Hill Ave in Aurora.  Check out the menu here and here.

I find it very humorous that our first HWVC Cruise Night will be held on April Fools’ Day.  Considering our group of club members, it’s actually quite fitting! 

We are really excited to be able to schedule an event that happens often and requires nothing from anyone.  If you’re able… show up, get some grub and talk some dubbish (or some rubbish if you prefer).  This should also allow non-members to get to know us in a casual setting and allow non-dubbers the opportunity to get educated as to why we love the VW community and hobby.  I’m sure we’ll even make you laugh a little due to some of our more colorful members.  *cough* BigJoe *cough*

On a side note, I’ll have my bus out for the April 1st cruise night and I’m pretty excited.  This will be my first official event of any kind to which I will (attempt to) drive my bus.  If I’m not there, then you can pick one of 20 reasons for my absence… which could be fodder for an April blog.  ;)

Please mark your calendars, dust off the dub and come on out to our first official Cruise Night on April 1st, 2010.  Folks will start showing up around 5pm and stay as long as you like.  I look forward to meeting you and talking some dubbish.